Company profile

Arvensa Transport is actively involved in dry cargo chartering in coaster an handysize market. We work as a competitive chartering brokers for Northern Europe, Mediterranean and Black Sea coaster markets and worldwide handysize market. Our base commodities include project cargoes, grains, fertilizers, forestry products and break-bulk.

Wide connections

Extensive database of over 150 first-class shipowners and operators as well as numerous charterers allows us to find the best match of vessel and cargo.

Always improving

We  constantly keep up-to-date our knowledge and improve the professional skills by attending various industry standard education programmes.


Our team gained its expertise and experience in different fields of the industry, starting from fleet operations and freight forwarding to actual seamanship.


We fix over 800 000 metric tons of cargoes annually mostly for our Russian, CIS and EU based charterers.

  • Metals 40%
  • Grains 30%
  • Project Cargoes 15%
  • Others 15%

The Team

Alexander Mishin

Managing director, chartering
mobile: +7 921 965-70-96
e-mail: mishin(at)

Anna Salamatova

mobile: +7 921 995-95-49
e-mail: anna(at)

Maria Gogina

mobile: +7 952 383-01-97
e-mail: gogina(at)

Nikolay Priymak

mobile: +7 921 592-91-84
e-mail: priymak(at)


Arvensa Transport Ltd
Office B221, Bld “B”, BC Senator
17th Line 24, Vasilievskiy Island
St.Petersburg, 199178

Tel: +7 (812) 627-18-70


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